Immigration Services
Immigration-Related Evaluations:
Liz B. Craig provides a range of services to clients with immigration-related issues. The most common
services Ms. Craig provides include psychosocial assessments and psychological evaluations as
listed below.  Ms. Craig is available to provide expert testimony in court.

-Trauma Evaluations: Ms. Craig assesses for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other potential
signs of torture or other mistreatment. Symptoms can include insomnia, anxiety, distractibility, thoughts of and
preoccupation with the trauma, and irritability.  Trauma evaluations are performed for political asylum cases, which include FGM, and also for UVisa cases, when an immigrant has been a victim of a crime in the U.S.

-Extreme Hardship Evaluations: Ms. Craig meets with clients and/or family members, conducts an extensive interview, and prepares a written report assessing the potential impact of deportation. These reports describe the extent and severity of various forms of hardship including emotional, financial, educational, health and safety. The assessment also considers issues of family separation, cultural dislocation, language obstacles, and employment barriers on family members, including children. Multiple family members may be included in these evaluations.

-Domestic Abuse Evaluations: Ms. Craig assesses for the existence and degree of physical abuse or extreme mental cruelty a spouse suffered during their relationship. A critical component of such cases is the element of control that family members may attempt to exert over prospective immigrants. Through asking targeted questions, Ms. Craig is able to gather critical information needed for assessing the existence and extent of abuse. Emotional signs of abuse can include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and low self esteem.

Adoption Home Studies
In addition to immigration related evaluations, Ms. Craig provides clinical home study assessments for families filing for adoption.  Through individual and family meetings, as well as a visit to the family's home, Ms. Craig provides an evaluation of the home situation and parent readiness for adoption.  Ms. Craig writes a detailed specialized home study report indicating her findings. 

Ms. Craig offers competitive rates and is able to accommodate a quick turnaround time.  Ms. Craig works with her clients with compassion and caring, and produces clear and concise reports outlining the psychosocial stressors families face when struggling with immigration issues.

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