Individuals involved in the immigration system - applicants, their family members, and their
attorneys - often need expert assistance to describe their personal history, current stressors,
ill treatment, or various forms of hardship that can result from family separation.

Their personal circumstances are often complex, rooted in the cultural contexts of different
countries, and difficult to explain to the officers and judges who decide immigration cases.
Psychological assessments offer additional insight to an applicant's particular situation.

Ms. Craig's psychological evaluations are based on an extensive interview and include a
narrative that describes the personal and family history of the applicant or relevant family
members. They provide a detailed analysis of hardship factors, domestic abuse or mental cruelty,
or the psychological impact of torture or other mistreatment. They can be useful in supporting requests
for waivers of inadmissibility, cancellation of removal, domestic abuse self petitions, asylum
applications, or exercises of discretion in immigration cases. Where appropriate, assessments
include a precise diagnosis from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and supporting analysis.

Ms. Craig's referrals come from immigration attorneys, individual clients and clinics involved in immigration work.
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Psychological Assessments and Professional Services

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Psychosocial and Diagnostic Assessments

"As an attorney,  working with Liz was a smooth and easy process.  Liz is professional, responsive, and empathetic.  She is flexible and understands that the needs of an individual and their legal case may vary." 
- Lindsay M. Harris, Attorney at the Tahiri Justice Center

"I have known Liz for 2 years, and she has conducted two home studies for me. Liz is a joy to work with because she is trustworthy. It was easy for me to share with her. She is a good listener, patient, and empathetic. Liz made her part of the process fun and affordable. My kids loved talking to her, and when she left, everyone was relaxed and happy. Liz is the one to choose for all social work needs, no one would regret working with Liz, guaranteed."
-Alex Tessema, client, country of origin, Ethiopia